Saturday, September 24, 2011

Genies Down Under pocast LAUNCHED

This weekend, the Genies Down Under podcast was launched.

The Genies Down Under is a podcast about genealogy - with an Australian twist. Hosted by me, Maria Northcote, the podcast includes tips, tools, tricks and traps for genealogists researching Australian family histories.

By listening to the podcast, you’ll be provided with some tips to get going with your research, some tools and resources to use, some tricks to save time and make your research fun, and I’ll also tell you about some of my mistakes so you can avoid these traps when you’re doing your own research.

There’ll be lots of family history stories and ideas on how to get to know your own ancestors - beyond just their names and dates.
Listen to a one minute promo about the podcast:

Also, here is my website for Genies Down Under:

So, I’d like to offer you a big warm Aussie invitation to join me for the very first episode of Genies Down Under.

But for now, I’ll say seeya from Maria, a genie down under.