Saturday, January 10, 2015

The funny things you find ... in the New South Wales Will Books 1800-1952

When searching through the New South Wales Will Books 1800-1952, via FindMyPast, for some records of my ancestors, I came across an amusing excerpt from a will of a man named Alfred Arthur NORTHCOTE who died in 1940 and was described as a GENTLEMAN. I came across his will while searching for records associated with my great-uncles, two of whom were named Arthur Francis NORTHCOTE and Alfred Joseph NORTHCOTE. Although Alfred Arthur NORTHCOTE does not appear to be one of my relatives, I've included a transcription of part of his will here as I couldn't help but smile when I read it ... I have a feeling he wasn't too keen on the fact that his wife had taken off some time earlier.

... To my wife the sum of one shilling (1/-) as I am not aware whether she is alive or dead she having left and deserted me for some considerable time and as she always impressed up on me that she never married me for my money nor did she want it, I am carrying out her wishes and disposing of it to a more deserving party. ...

He certainly did explain his thoughts about his wife in a gentlemanly manner!

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Copyright note re image above.
The image above is not a copy of the will of Alfred Arthur NORTHCOTE as the scanned image of his will is accessed through FindMyPast but the copyright of it appears to be owned by  State Records Authority of New South Wales.