Friday, November 23, 2012

Mini genie podcast episode

This mini-genie episode of Genies Down Under focuses on the wonderful details that can be found within the NSW Police Gazettes between 1854–1930. In this Mini-genie, you'll find out some ideas about how to search through the NSW Police Gazettes (1854–1930) for information about "the lives of people on bothsides of the law", including information about:

  • missing persons/ missing friends
  • crimes committed
  • wanted criminals
  • criminals who had been apprehended
  • police officer promotions
  • vacant positions for police offers
  • police appointments

The Police Gazettes can be accessed and searched through If you don't have paid subscription access to Ancestry, you can access it through computers at some libraries, archives offices and family history centres. Or, you can buy them from Gould Genealogy for about AUD$40.

The Police Gazettes are described by as follows:
The NSW Police Gazettes, 1854–1930, offer a window into the lives of people on both sides of the law. It contains information on wanted criminals, crimes committed, criminals who had been apprehended, and missing persons. It also contains information on police officers such as promotions, vacant positions, and appointments.
So, I would recommend that this resource is a great place to look for info about your ancestors. Here is a little taste of what you may find. After searching through this resource, I found this very detailed reference to one of my ancestors:
Missing, since the 13th instant from her home, 7 Connemarra-street, Bexley, - LUCY NORTHCOTE, 50 years of age, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, medium complexion, black hair, turning grey, blue eyets; dressed in a striped Fuji de luxe dress, black hat and black shoes and stockings; has been depondent of late. Information to her husband at the above address.

Happy hunting through the NSW Police Gazettes.