Saturday, November 12, 2011

What's a good podcast?

I recently emailed Thomas MacKentee of the Geneabloggers podcast about my idea for how to tell if you're listening to a good podcast.

You see, I had just been listening to the recent Geneabloggers podcast and just realised how to tell if I'm listening to a good podcast. Whenever I'm listening to a good podcast, such as Geneabloggers, Genealogy Gems or Genealogy Guys to mention a few, I always turn off my iPod for a few minutes when I cross a busy road. The traffic noise makes it harder to hear what is said on the podcast so I feel the need to switch off so I dont miss out on any of the good stuff. I suppose it's a good idea for safety reasons too:)

I wonder if there are other indicators that people have noticed in terms of how to tell if they're listening to a good podcast rather than a ho-hum one?

Genies Down Under - Episode 2

The Genies Down Under podcast released Episode 2 on 1 November 2011.

The title of the podcast is: Free stuff for genies: It fell off the back of a truck.

This podcast includes tips, tools, tricks and traps for accessing free stuff on and off the internet for family history research like;
  • pedigree charts
  • ancestral charts
  • family group sheets
  • free magazines
  • free articles

In this episode, you’ll find answers to these questions:

What free stuff can I access online for my family history research?

What free stuff can I access that isn’t online for my family history research?

If I’m a bit short of money, how can I still keep going with my genealogy?

If you have any comments about this podcast, or if you have suggestions for future podcast episodes, feel free to email me at

Access the podcast through iTunes:

or go straight to the Genies Down Under website and listen from there: