Wednesday, May 30, 2012

B is for Bringing Them Home

For genies researching anything to do with Australian genealogy, the Bringing Them Home report is an important publication from our past. Even if your family's ancestry doesn't include any relatives who are Aboriginal people, the happenings that have been recorded in this report would have affected all our live at some time and, more than likely, many of our ancestors' lives too.

If you like reading and listening to stories, then the best way to understand the contents of this report is to read some of the true life stories from those who were involved including Jennifer, Paul, John and Carol.

Whereas many reports and stories about Indigenous people in Australia have been written by by non-Indigenous folk, this report aimed to be different. I remember the first time I read some of these stories around the year 2001, a few years after it was published. I was absolutely heartbroken to read the details of some of the storytellers' lives.

A must read for all those involved and interested in Aussie history.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A is for Australian Archives

 I thought that the most obvious of the A-words, Australia, was a bit too obvious for the beginning of this A-Z series for genealogy tips for genies down under. So, instead, I decided to choose A for AUSTRALIAN ARCHIVES.

Being so fortunate in Australia to have a wonderful collection of available archives, it's almost a genealogical crime not to delve into them. Here are a few highlights to enjoy - one for each of our states and territories:
I hope you enjoy delving into these national treasures.

Family History Through the Alphabet - for Aussie Genies

Well, I thought I had missed the boat on this challenge ... the family history through the alphabet challenge initiated by Gould Genealogy.

However, I've decided to take Aillin's lead at Australian Genealogy Journeys and start posting now, part way through 2012. Thanks Aillin! So, I thought I'd create an Aussie A-Z theme of genealogy tips for family history researchers - the genies down under.

Well, now I'll go off and think about what I should include in my first post for A. A is for ??? Will be back soon with the first Aussie genealogy tip for genies down under (and wherever else they are in the world).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pics for context in family history

Photographs are a great way to add context to our family history research.

Thanks to our State Libraries for making so many historical photographs available for us to see. Here are a few beauties ...

La Hogue sailing ship (above pic is a link from the online pic). This is the ship some of my own ancestors travelled in to get to Australia in 1880.

From the State Library of Victoria's site, we can see a view of Circular Quay in 1880 ( above pic is a link from the online pic ) where the above shipped would have docked:

Although I don't have any personal accounts or diaries of my ancestors around this time, these photographs fill in some of the blanks. They show me roughly what Circular Quay would have looked like through 1880 eyes. Hope you can do something similar with your own family history by searching through these photographic archives.

NSW State Archives (Photographs)
Victoria State Archives (Photographs)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogging stuff for genies: Getting online with your ancestors

For current or new listeners of the Genies Down Under podcast, there is a new episode out now for May 2012. It's called Blogging Stuff for Genies: Getting Online with your Ancestors.

Access it through iTunes or on the Genies Down Under site.

This episode answers these questions:

What is a blog?
How can I create a blog?
How can I use blogs to share my family history research?
How can I access other people’s blogs to build up my own family history research?

I hope you enjoy it and let me know if I've missed anything you think should be included: