Wednesday, May 30, 2012

B is for Bringing Them Home

For genies researching anything to do with Australian genealogy, the Bringing Them Home report is an important publication from our past. Even if your family's ancestry doesn't include any relatives who are Aboriginal people, the happenings that have been recorded in this report would have affected all our live at some time and, more than likely, many of our ancestors' lives too.

If you like reading and listening to stories, then the best way to understand the contents of this report is to read some of the true life stories from those who were involved including Jennifer, Paul, John and Carol.

Whereas many reports and stories about Indigenous people in Australia have been written by by non-Indigenous folk, this report aimed to be different. I remember the first time I read some of these stories around the year 2001, a few years after it was published. I was absolutely heartbroken to read the details of some of the storytellers' lives.

A must read for all those involved and interested in Aussie history.


  1. Interesting post, Maria. I've often wondered about the early arrivals in our family and their interaction with the existing community, especially the Tasmanian branch. Food for more thought.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Fi! I've wondered about my own ancestors in that way too:)