Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pics for context in family history

Photographs are a great way to add context to our family history research.

Thanks to our State Libraries for making so many historical photographs available for us to see. Here are a few beauties ...

La Hogue sailing ship (above pic is a link from the online pic). This is the ship some of my own ancestors travelled in to get to Australia in 1880.

From the State Library of Victoria's site, we can see a view of Circular Quay in 1880 ( above pic is a link from the online pic ) where the above shipped would have docked:

Although I don't have any personal accounts or diaries of my ancestors around this time, these photographs fill in some of the blanks. They show me roughly what Circular Quay would have looked like through 1880 eyes. Hope you can do something similar with your own family history by searching through these photographic archives.

NSW State Archives (Photographs)
Victoria State Archives (Photographs)

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