Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who Counts? The Census

Confused about the purpose of the census? Wondering what the census can do for family history researchers?
The Census is one of the most valuable resources for family historians - whether your researching your family's whereabouts in Australia, the UK or the US, or in other countries. The UK and US have many intact census records from years back. Sadly, many of the Irish census records were destroyed in a fire in 1922. There are some census records available for Australian historians but our historical census records in Australia are not always as comprehensive as we would wish them to be. The one hour podcast called "Who Counts? A history of the census" will give you a good run down of some facts and figures about the census and its purpose. Some funny anecdotes are also scattered throughout this podcast that provide additional entertainment.
The contents of the podcast are described as:
"So today on Rear Vision we compare the Australian census with the British census of the nineteenth century, and the census in the USA - mandated in the constitution and posited as central to nation-building and politics."

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