Sunday, August 14, 2016

A genie confession ... I forget to learn from myself

Over the years, many skilled and knowledgeable genies (genealogists) have shared their research expertise. Learning from others has been one of the main ways that I've been able to extend my own experience as a genealogical researcher. However, there is one person I sometimes forget to learn from - myself!

From my experience, the best way to break down brick walls in family history research is to apply systematic, rigorous, trackable research methods. Sounds reasonable, right? Well, one thing that sometimes amazes me is how I am not so good at applying my day-job skills as an educational researcher to my hobby as a family history researcher.  Although I'm not sure what prevents me from making this learning transfer, I'm keen to rectify it by writing a series of 10 blogposts over the next few weeks and months on the theme of:
Note to self: Use my day-job skills in my family history research
I hope to give myself a serious kick in the genealogical pants by writing this set of blogposts and, if other genies can benefit from these lessons to myself, I'll be even more pleased.

So, here's the first in my "note to self" series of blogposts:

Note to self: Use triangulation in family history research

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