Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Genies packin' for cruisin'

This post is for genies who are planning to go on the genealogical cruise in Feb 2014: Fourth Unlock the Past Cruise: Southern Australia.

Source of image: http://www.unlockthepastcruises.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Voyager-Adelaide-2.jpg

Recently, I asked a few people for some tips on what to pack for the genealogical cruise I'm embarking on in February 2014. Thanks to all who have helped me with this preparation.

Here are a few ideas I have gathered up so far:
  • windproof jacket as well as a lightweight jacket and a scarf for neck and shoulders - handy for being on the deck and in cooler air-conditioned rooms
  • a notebook or two, and/or an iPad, for taking notes in the presentations, recording new contacts
  • BYO coffee if you like good coffee
  • Bathers or cossies, depending what state you're from, and a cover-up from getting to your room to the pool area
  • a smallish over-the-shoulder pouch or purse that allows you to store a few minor essentials when making short trips around the ship when you don't want to cart your entire handbag
  • travel detergent to do a bit of laundry in your room
  • over-the-door bags with small compartments for keeping jewellery and other smaller items that get lost in your luggage
  • make sure your luggage is labelled inside and out with your name, cabin number and mobile phone number 
  • some type of rainwear
  • a couple of "sparkly outfits", as Jill Ball calls them, but don't go overboard with formal wear
  • thumb drives - handy for swapping files between genies when/if the internet isn't working too well

For more tips on what to take on this cruise, see
Here's a reminder about our itinerary:

  • Tue 4 Feb Sydney – depart 9pm
  • Wed 5 Feb Cruising – conference day 
  • Thu 6 Feb Melbourne – in port 8am – 8pm 
  • Fri 7 Feb Cruising – conference day 
  • Sat 8 Feb Adelaide – in port 8am – 6pm
  • Sun 9 Feb Cruising – conference day 
  • Mon 10 Feb Hobart – in port 2pm – overnight
  • Tue 11 Feb Hobart – all day – 5pm
  • Wed 12 Feb Cruising – conference day 
  • Thu 13 Feb Sydney – arrive 6am


  1. Don't forget the business cards too Maria. Look forward to meeting you in person.

  2. Oh, yes!! Good idea, Pauleen.