Monday, February 3, 2014

I'll have one genealogy cruise with no seasickness thanks

To all cruisers who are preparing to board the Unlock the Past Genealogy Cruise from 4-11 February 2014 ... here's a question for you:

How many seasickness stories have you heard in the last 24 hours?

After telling people that I'm sailing off on a cruise tomorrow, I can't believe the amount of horror-seasickness stories I've heard. Although I haven't been seasick before, the stories I heard sent me racing off to the nearest chemist at lunch time today to stock up on these ....

Usually I get annoyed with myself if I don't use something that I take in my suitcase on a holiday ... but I'm not looking at these seasickness tablets with that type of attitude. Let's hope that these packs of tablets are not needed.

Bon voyage to all the genies joining the cruise from Australia and elsewhere.

To all the genies who aren't able to join us on this cruise, don't worry, I'll be collecting loads of interviews and fun stuff to share with you on the March and April episodes of Genies Down Under.


  1. Seasickness is banned on Voyager of the Seas so you can leave those potions behind.