Friday, February 7, 2014

Panda family trees

Today at Adelaide Zoo, I found it difficult to tear myself away from where the giant pandas were living. It was a special experience to see at least one of the pandas (Wang Wang) while the other panda (Funi) was hiding in her little cave, only poking her head out now and again.

At first it was difficult to find the two famous Pandas, Wang Wang and Funi, amongst their bamboo forest and little caves ... but then we spotted a huge panda head in the far side of the enclosure.

Wang Wang was out. He was playing it cool and nonchalant at first but then he put on a good show for the visitors. Funi was having a behind-the-scenes kind of day while Wang Wang entertained us all. Apparently Funi was experiencing symptoms of a pregnancy but it was a phantom pregnancy.

I'm not sure if Wang Wang was aware of Funi's plight but it wasn't affecting his appetite, especially when the fresh bamboo arrived.

Because this is a family history blog, here are Wang Wang and Funi's family trees. It seems that some of their not-too-distant ancestors were "wild". I bet many of us could say the same.

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  1. Hi! Loved this break in my day from the serious stuff. Great to see a different style tree. Fran